Ms. Meagan Sweetz stops by her house right after a hectic day of shopping to discover not a soul home. To her astonishment Mr. Jimmy Legend is carrying out yard work in the back. Ms. Meagan Sweetz is using the phone with her BFF and as she moves over to observe just what Mr. Jimmy Legend has been doing. Ms. Meagan Sweetz tells her BFF that she may go bang the crap outta Mr. Jimmy Legend. Having only turned eighteen Ms. Meagan Sweetz hopes to show Jimmy how developed she is finally.

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They start off speaking and Ms. Meagan Sweetz doesnt waste any time. She playfully brushes her skirt up and shows her pink under wear including a picture perfect camel toe. And then she takes Jimmys fretting hand and rubs it on her pussy. Mr. Jimmy Legend is buddies with Ms. Meagan’s dad, but he’s not planning to turn down this petite, blonde who is effortlessly giving up her eighteen-year-old twat. They get into her room and Mr. Jimmy Legend shoves his mouth into the aforementioned pussy. He is overpowered by this choice girl that just fell into his hands. They go between the two licking, sucking, and fucking until finally Mr. Jimmy Legend blows up all over Ms. Meagan Sweetz, covering her from her collar to her pussy.